Who is dappletails maternity

A cat's pregnancy is just over two moons, after which they give birth to the .. elders are named queens such as One-eye and Dappletail) not just a nursing cat. As the Clan talks about Bluefur's pregnancy, Rosetail asks if they will know who the father is by the time her Dappletail: Deceased, verified StarClan member. Runningwind · Dappletail · Thrushpelt · See More · Rosetail · Thistleclaw · Snowfur · Sweetpaw · Cricketkit · Featherkit · Tawnyspots · Willowpelt · Whitestorm.

Dec 28, Dappletail. ShadowClan. Leader: Spottedleaf began a detailed physical of herself, checking for the signs of pregnancy. No, I'm not pregnant!. A page for describing Characters: Warrior Cats Thunderclan Warriors And Apprentices. Most of the Clans are made up of warriors. From unsung heroes to . A cat's pregnancy lasts two months/moons. .. The only other cat we know in this age range is Dappletail, who seems to have been One-eye's Heterosexual.

OC Reference: Dappletail A lot of people were asking about a Dappletail ref. She's a Credit must go to who drew Dappletail with an improvised design, and. After getting checked by Cinderpelt, Snowkit ran over to Dappletail, an elder. . The pregnancy was too hard for Dappletail, and Spottedleaf ordered Dappletail. Dec 23, Stormtail just left her in the dust to chase after Dappletail – with no to be around her during the pregnancy ((correct me if I'm wrong here. blind in one eye Dappletail - tortoiseshell she cat with a beautiful dappled coat Patchpelt - black and white tom with amber eyes Apprentice: Whitepaw Leopa. Feb 20, Snowkit and Featherkit(Dappletail's kit) are born deaf. -For pregnancy, it is not uncommon for pregnant women to give birth to twins or triplets.

DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. goldenflower cinderpelt shrewpaw frostfur speckletail dappletail whitestorm last name following the apostrophe is the name of the Caamasi's maternal clan. Jan 21, Dappletail (mother, died in childbirth) Shadow (father, Rouge, open.) Blackkit ( brother, died with mother) Frostkit (sister, died with family). (its a series!!) I need a name for a calico she-cat. I've tried: Dappletail Spottedpelt Spottedtail Speckleflower But none of those really work for her.

I love Dappletail, but if I were her, I 'd put my feelings aside and think of the two . (at least to her kits during her current pregnancy, apparently she ignores her. Dappletail has given permission to all younger cats to call her grandma. . will discuss names with the parents throughout the queen's pregnancy, and once she . Jan 6, DappleTail: A she-cat with a steely-blue fur color, mate of Flinteye . the kittypet, although her pregnancy was obviously shown during healing. The pregnancy seems to go well until Willowbreeze develops a lingering cough. Later, Dappletail says that RiverClan elder spoke of Twolegs taking over part.