What does kan dianshi meaning

看电视 (kan dianshi / kàn diànshì) is composed of these characters: 看 (kan), 电 (dian), 视 (shi). 看电视 (kan dianshi / kàn diànshì) in traditional characters. Chinese-English dictionary: 电视 (dianshi / diànshì) (English translation: " television") as Chinese character stroke order, Pinyin phonetic script, pronunciation in Mandarin, example sentence and English meaning. 电视 ( dianshi / diànshì) is composed of these characters: 电 (dian), 视 (shi) Wŏ xĭhuan kàn diànshì. Currently no questions related to '看電視'. Sentences containing '看電視' + -. 0. 他在看電視. He is watching TV. add comment. by @tatoeba on Thu Jan

dianshi definition at jouora.tk, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes. Look it up now! Are you Studying Chinese?. what does 泰龍 mean? is there a menaing with these characters? Can u help me unscramble this sentence Nai nai, song ta, zou, wo, de shi hou, huo che zhan. Quick question, for kan dian shi 看电视, all being fourth tones. Didn't you mention is there a difference in meaning between kanshu and dushu? Upvote (0).

年5月17日 I have a question and is.. in Mandarin Chinese how I say a sentence in I will see the T.V= 我会观看到电视(wo hui guan kan dao dianshi). What about other phrases that use only fourth tones but whose meanings are less austere, for example, Zhao taitai zhan zai podeng shang kan dianshi. (Ni de zhong wen yue lai yue hao) = Your Chinese is getting better and better. ( wo zuo zuo ye yi hou, wo yao kan dian shi) = After I do my homework, I want to Author's Own Experiences; University of Maine, Chinese-English Dictionary. •if iji § 16 #J 'K ffi tS They say things in Hong Kong are very Tingshuo Xiang Gang de Ni xihuan bu xihuan kan dianshi? or suggestions, meaning "How is. Tiyu (physical education) is linked with yundong, the meaning of which centers around movement, Zai jiali kan dianshi means "watching television at home.

5 Negation Bü with an action verb, apart from simply meaning “not” (“is not', “do not', etc.) after the object: kan/bu kan dianshi?, 'watch/not watch television?. Trust me if you master the following verbs you will speak fluent Kan, kan yi xia'r, ke yi kan yi xia'r ma? sui bian kan kan, kan dian shi, zai jia. what time is it now/shi'er dian san ke. Jintian qingqi ji? What is tomorrow/ Mingtian shi xingqi liu. Upgrade to remove ads Wo bu kan qiu. Ni kan dianshi ma?. The basic meaning of R is quick' or 'fast', its antonym is so (män; slow). H.3's 2 ER (or R Fi/{R-Fi) Jo Hājī. Yijing shi er didn le, ni zénme hai zai kan dianshi?.

5 Negation Bū with an action verb, apart from simply meaning “not” (“is not", “do not", etc.) the object: kånlbu kan dianshi?, 'watch/not watch television?", or kän . (Situation: Mrs Ding is mad because her son has said something rude to her. # ##|H|#H#V.) Wāng: Wö zuijin mang de yaoming, náli yöu shijian kan dianshi?. The particle hai in Mandarin Chinese has many uses; its possible meanings (1) Laowang hai zai kan dianshi Laowang HAI Prog watch TV 'Laowang is still. kan dianshi, to watch t.v.. kan dianying, to watch qu kan dianying, to go to see a movie. qu pengyou jia, to go a zuo gongke. to do homework. xuexi, to study.

Levinson's resort to contexts in calculating the meanings of tautologies is, from her .. kan ren jia de tiao jian, cai dian shi cai dian, bing xiang shi bing xiang.