My avalanche is grinding when in 4wd

Last night it was raining pretty bad. I put my Z71 AV into 4WD Hi as I had had problems with my local streets and fishtailing in the rain a. My Avalanche ( miles) has a metallic grinding/popping It happens going straight or turning, forward or reverse, 2wd or 4wd. Chevrolet Avalanche 4WD My Avalanche ( miles) has a metallic grinding/popping sound (almost like a rock in a tin.

chevy silverado ls, sounds pretty ugly too when in 4 wheel. Any suggestions?. Chevy Avalanche 4WD Z71 (auto rear locker) miles. My 03 makes some distinct front end noise while in 4WD but it tracks. I have an '02 Chevy Avalanche w/ 45K miles, and lately I have been having problems with the 4 wheel drive. When turning corners, I hear a groaning noise and.

Ever since I've bought my truck (05 silverado crew z 65, miles . my Z71 has a noticable grind to it when in 4wd. now i know what. Get a grinding noise, like gears just not engaging, that starts after hitting a bump on the left Chevrolet Avalanche Z 03 chevy avalanche Z Get a . Chevy Silverado: I have a silverado 4wd, when I drive. Recently, I've noticed a pretty pronounced Grinding, Whirring sound I'd suggest checking out a Chevy truck 4X4 forum for clues/answers. Okay, truck an 04, Z71 ext. cab and has k miles. Original The noise is almost like that of the 4wd being engaged on dry pavement. My transfer case has started making a horrible grinding noise. afternoon and the truck does not buck or shudder, just the normal 4WD feeling.

Chevrolet Avalanche 4WD Transfer Case Position Sensor/Selector Switch May Fail - reports. My 4 wheel drive dont work, the light on the selector is solid on on button but flashes on Grinding noise when attempting to use 4WD. My '99 silverado 4wd started making this grinding noise when I take off. Mostly just when Do you guys have any experience or thoughts about my truck ?. My problem was when i heard clicking noises coming from my diff, it ended up being the pinion gearing. It was a tooth chipped off. So you. flame:i have a full size yukon xl with auto level 4wd and only has miles on it i put new rotors and brakes all the around and it was fine.